San Diego’s own Mobile Mini Ramp for hire! This 20’X7′ mobile ramp was built for charity fundraising events and for rental purposes. The Mobile Mini Ramp will be loaned out to local charities to help with fundraising and will also be available for rental. This ramp is great for parties and promotional events. All rental income will help finance our charitable efforts supporting local charities and the community.

This mini ramp was professionally built by our new friend Dave Duncan who was introduced to us by our friend Ari Evan Gold, skateboard industry legend and owner of Paradox Grip ‘Much More Than Grip’. Dave Duncan is a world class ramp builder who helps design, build, advise and oversee the construction of some of the best skateboard parks, ramps, street courses, arena competitions and events in skateboard history. Its a solid world class ramp for a solid purpose! Check these dudes out, they are straight up skateboarding legends. Thank you Ari and thank you Dave!

Vans and GatorSkins sponsored this effort by supplying gear and product so we have the raddest Mobile Mini Ramp on the planet. Vans is an international skateboarding household name supporting some of the most talented skaters in the world and those skaters use GatorSkins for professional and personal use. A pro ramp perfect for all ages. Thanks to both this ramp cant be beat.

Our friend Max Jenkins is a talented good dude who created the graphic for the @MobileRamp Instagram account which will be used for promotional swag including t-shirts, hoodies, hats, stickers and more! Check out Max Jenkins.

Our friend Lance Castiglione, owner of Mobile Air and long time ramp builder, welded stout corner stabilizers on the trailer to make this Mobile Mini Ramp even more solid of a ride. 100% solid ride!

This was a collective effort of rad people for a rad cause and we hope to see you all on the mini soon getting rad too!

Email for pricing and availability.

Check out the @MobileRamp pics on Instagram and lets shred!

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