Meet Helice Wen

Helice Wen is a Chinese-American artist. She was born and raised in Shen Zhen, China. She moved to San Francisco at age 14 where she currently lives and works. Helice received a BA Illustration degree from Academy of Art University, San Francisco. After illustrated several children’s books, Helice switched her focus to gallery work. Her work has shown in galleries both nationally and internationally.

The first few reasons we wanted to spot light Helice are for her talent and willingness to contribute to charity through her art sales. Her art is big and bold and full of color and life. Through her work, Helice uses figures and floral patterns to narrate the intimate, vulnerable, and sensibilities in everyday life. Her work captures what it means to be present, alive, and full of beauty.  Her works can be seen on her Instagram page here or her website.

She stands with Black Lives Matter, and in support of the cause will release four special edition prints, each featuring quotes that are from inspirational Black movers, activists and poets. One of the quotes she used is by the poet Langston Hughes entitled: “I, Too.“ He states, “I, too, am America.” According to Helice, “We are all Americans and have to be heard and treated equally.”

She lives and works in the San Francisco bay area where The Free Art Foundation founder was born and raised.  The bay area is home any its great to help support your neighbors.  Always willing to support a talented neighbor! We ♥ SF

Her special edition prints will benefit Campaign Zero @campaignzero and The Trevor Project @trevorproject


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