RISK helps Mamas Kitchen San Diego

Kelly Graval, better known as RISK, was one of the first artists to exhibit graffiti and street art in galleries. With a background in fine art, Graval has a style defined by cleanly executed lettering paired with graphic imagery and architectural lines. He has participated in a number of street art crews, most famously West Coast Artists (WCA) and the Seventh Letter. In the course of his nearly 30-year career, Graval has become one of the most influential figures for subsequent generations of graffiti artists, particularly in Los Angeles. He is also considered one of the first artists to have painted on freight trains, as well as a pioneer of painting in the heavens.  (artsy.net)

RISK painted 18 limited edition hats to help raise money and awareness for Mamas Kitchen San Diego. Mamas Kitchen prepares and delivers nutritious meals for people  struggling with AIDS or cancer who are too sick to shop and cook for themselves. Together with hundreds of volunteers, businesses, and community supporters, Mama’s Kitchen strives to help our clients stay healthy, preserve their dignity, and keep their families together by providing free, culturally appropriate home-delivered meals, along with pantry services and nutrition education.

To purchase please visit our Instagram account here or email us directly tomnapoli@thefreeartfoundation.org.

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