We welcome MARVEL & DC artist Tony Washington to MONSTERS and VILLAINS on 10/15 for Mamas Kitchen. We are lucky to have you, thank you Tony!

About Tony Washington –

At the age of 18 after completing high school he joined the summer program at Cal Arts…
but the institution couldn’t hold Tony for long; he already had a vision for his life’s work. Tony showed his impressive portfolio around the San Diego Comic-Con in 1995 and was hired by Image Comics, a collective with a Marvel Comics pedigree, where Tony had his first encounter with digital art. After 3 years with Image, Tony joined a San Diego company called Midway, and spent 2 1/2 years creating video games.
For over the past 19 years, Tony has successfully freelanced in multiple worlds: for comic
books, films, and conceptual art. His color, lighting and concept art for such film projects as Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles has assured Tony’s reputation as a fine artist in the world of animation. He recently completed work on the highest selling World of Warcraft comic series in Wildstorm/DC comics history earning a spot on the New York Times best sellers list and the only Hardback book to make that list for WIldstorm’s 18 year history. In addition he designed promotional poster concepts for Lady Gaga’s Monsters Ball Tour. He also recently completed concept art for SONY PS3 titles Twisted Metal 3, Motorstorm Apocalypse and Heroes on the Move. Currently he is working with Soleil Productions on a new graphic novel series Elyne and two new unannounced film projects. As well as releasing his new EP Return that is out now on his site Stationsstories.com and will be available iTunes, Amazon and many other online stores soon.

Check out his Portfolio, his website, and his Demo Reel RIGHT NOW!

For commissions email Tony at: anthonywashington@mac.com

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