Factors that Cause Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Looking fresh and young is one of the appearances that every person would want to have. But if you are a working individual where the job in your office never ends, or you are a student who gets to study your brains out for an exam, for sure, at the end of it all, you’ll be rewarded with a dark circle under your eyes otherwise known as eye bags. Sometimes it is easy to remove this but there are also times where this is quite difficult to remove.

How are dark circles under the eyes formed?

In simpler terms, these dark circles under the eyes are only water that stagnated under the skin. It is apparent that as one grows older, the amount of fat in the body increases and these fat bodies tend to find places that they can deposit; and one of the places in our body wherein these fat bodies would deposit are under the eyes. These fat bodies are water storage area. Thus, as a person gets older, there is a higher tendency for him/her to develop larger eye bags.

What are the causes of dark circles?

Aside from the lack of sleep, there are also a lot of factors that causes the dark circles under the eyes especially for the elderly. Below are just some of the common causes of eye bags:

  • Allergies – allergies such as nose infection from pollens during spring season, or food allergies, are one of the reasons why dark circles under the eyes are formed. The skin under our eyes is one of the thinnest skin parts of the human body. Thus, any fat and water build up beneath this skin due to an allergic response would produce visible eye bags.
  • Genetics – having dark circles under the eyes is not purely environmental. It can also have a genetic origin. Thus, if one of the members of the family has eye bags, it can also be observed that other members, especially his/her parents, have one too!
  • Lifestyle – lifestyle such as lack of sleep, emotional stress, chronic alcohol usage and smoking can also increase the chances of to develop these dark circles under the eyes. Thus it is best for one to properly manage his/her sleeping time and avoid other stressors to reduce the incidence of these eye bags.
  • Sun exposure – as most people know, sun exposure could easily cause skin pigmentation because our skin would produce the pigment melanin as a protective response to the Ultraviolet rays. So if a person frequently goes under the sun, his/her eye bags would become apparent over time.
  • Scratching and rubbing your eyes – the more frequent a person rubs his/her eyes, the more chances for it to darken. As one rubs the skin, friction develops which can eventually cause heat, and this can cause the darkening of the eyes.
  • Loss of collagen – as collagen becomes depleted, the human skin becomes thinner; and the thinner the skin, the more apparent the dark circles under our eyes become.

These are just a few of the common causes of the darkening circles under the eyes. It is best to try to avoid these factors as much as possible.

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